Daniel Elia - Promised Land (feat. Beast) - ALIA Records

ALIA Records

‘Promised Land’ is the follow up to Daniel’s ‘I Know It Very Well’ track, it’s melodic pop influence & alternative Hip-hop feel grasps the attention of listeners which makes for an enjoyable listen.
The underlying story of “Promised Land” highlights Australia’s blackface controversies, the struggle people of colour face in the Australian society and tracing back to slavery to state how the treatment of black people haven’t changed in recent years. Elia expresses how black people are seen as different, therefore leading some black people to use bleach to fit in and be accepted. Western countries promote white skin as pure and often implied to be beautiful you must have the same skin colour you seen on the media. The song is a sentiment to the broken promise the Australian government made to the Indigenous people on June 12, 1988, Daniel Elia knows how indigenous people have been treated and sympathies with because as a black individual he has gone through the same experience.
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