ALIA Records

ALIA Records is an acronym for “A Legion of Incredible Artists”, and also came from the last 4 letters of Australia signifying the location for the birth of the label and the music. 

Established in 2017 by Daniel Elia and Edmilson Sigauque (also known as DJ Iced), after successfully releasing their first single “Fly Away”, it was evident that their work ethic and partnership was beyond anything they had expected, and quickly realised being the only young Africans in the music industry in Australia running a record label. Hip-Hop being the heart of the label, we aim to establish a scene in Australia from being underground to mainstream and represent artists with positive and unique concepts to push the culture forward. 

Current roster include Daniel Elia, DJ Iced, Gradi and Dilara.

Currently the label is a part of Soulcafe Music Entertainment, and concentrating on building a small focused roster of exciting new music.


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